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Make your businesses more successful through a safe, skilled and productive workforce.

LIUNA Local 169 and its signatory contractors work together to raise industry standards, improve contract procurement, promote quality and protect the bottom line.

Local 169

A History of Excellence Since 1902

Join the local-level LIUNA contractors that make their businesses more successful through a safe, well-trained, and productive workforce. Have one less thing to worry about. Local 169 has been committed to excellence, a safety culture and helping our business partners thrive since our founding in 1902.

Local 169 represents over 1,200 workers in Northern Nevada, primarily in construction, including construction craft laborers, plaster hod carriers and brick hod carriers. Our area of jurisdiction covers the State of Nevada except Clark and Lincoln counties, the town of Tonopah and the portions of Nye and Esmeralda counties lying south of Highway 6 in Central Nevada. We are a member of LiUNA  — the Laborers’ International Union of North America — the fastest-growing union of construction workers, and one of the most diverse and effective. 

World-Class Workforce

LIUNA has one of the best continuing FREE education systems in the world. Our training meets or exceeds OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory standards. Local 169 offers dozens of courses free to members that provide them with valuable skills. Classes are available in every state in the U.S. and every province in Canada.

A True Business Partner

We can help firms meet hiring requirements to comply with city ordinances. Benefit from our automated tracking of project and bid opportunities. Additionally, we can provide assistance to firms in accessing capital and bonding resources, providing marketing support, and navigation of MBE/DB certification processes.

A Culture of Safety

The Union culture of safety saves lives. Members are provided with training to recognize potential hazards and are empowered to take action to fix it. Almost 80% of union contractors said they conduct hazard analysis before projects begin; only 56% of non-union contractors said the same. A 1% decline in unionization results in about a 5% increase in the rate of occupational fatalities

Affordable, Quality Health Coverage for Union & Contractor Staff

LIUNA’s multi-employer health and welfare plans have been providing affordable, accessible and quality coverage for members for generations. Contractors that partner with the Local 169 can benefit from the group purchasing power of LiUNA to gain high quality services at reduced rates. This means contractor office staff can purchase health insurance at LiUNA’s affordable rate.

LiUNA Members — the Fastest Growing Union of Construction Workers

Local 169's Years Of Experience

Workers in Northern Nevada Represented by Local 169


Why choose us

The best trained, highest skilled, hardest working people in the industry with over sixty training facilities across the U.S. and Canada.
Ability to help firms meet hiring requirements to comply with city ordinances, community benefits agreements, and project labor agreements.
Affordable health insurance for construction workers and, in many instances, also other company employees.
Assistance to firms in accessing capital and bonding resources, providing marketing support, and navigation of MBE/DB certification processes.
As larger entities, LIUNA multi-employer plans have access to investment and consulting advice which would be cost prohibitive for smaller plans and employers.
LIUNA health and welfare plans generally offer comprehensive provider networks which are something not all health care exchanges may be able to provide.
Contractor office staff can purchase health insurance at LiUNA's affordable rate.
Training that meets or exceeds OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory standards.
Assistance making work safer, reducing accident rates, controlling workers’ compensation costs, and saving lives.
A voice on issues of importance to the entire construction industry – including fighting for fair and comprehensive immigration reform, infrastructure investment that will make America more competitive and create good jobs, and protecting laws such as the Davis Bacon Act.
A commitment to diversity and community unparalleled in the industry.
Reduction of administrative costs through oversight from highly experienced trustees and administrators.
The employer shared responsibility requirement will be met by providing coverage to employees through a LIUNA health and welfare fund thereby eliminating any employer shared responsibility penalty.
Employer contributions to multi-employer plans are tax deductible.

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