The Primary Election is part of the election process where the number of candidates for a partisan race is narrowed down to one candidate for each party, or in a non-partisan race the number of candidates is narrowed down to two candidates. Not all races will have a primary election. Also, depending on where you live and your party registration, your primary election ballot may not have all the Union endorsed candidates. If you have any questions when you get your sample ballot, you can call the Union for more information.


Below are the Union Recommendations for the 2024 Primary Election

Assembly District 24 — Erica Roth

Assembly District 25 — Selena La Rue Hatch

Assembly District 27 — Alex Veto

Assembly District 30 — Nathan Anderson

Senate District 15 — Angie Taylor

Washoe County Commission District 1 — Alexis Hill 

Washoe County Commission District 4 — Clara Andriola

Reno City Council Ward 1 — Frank Perez

Reno City Council Ward 3 — Miguel Martinez 

Reno City Council Ward 5 — Devon Reese 

Reno City Council Ward 6 — Brandi Anderson 

Sparks City Council Ward 1 — Donald Abbott

Sparks City Council Ward 3 — Brad Fitch

Sparks City Council Ward 5 — Joe Rodriguez

Sparks City Attorney — Wes Duncan


WCSD School Board District A — Christine Hull

WCSD School Board District D — Beth Smith 

WCSD School Board District E — Alex Woodley 

WCSD School Board District G — Perry Rosenstein 

First Judicial District Court — Mark Krueger 

Reno Justice Court Dept. 1 — Jennifer Richards 

Sparks Justice Court Dept. 2 — Robert Delong 

Carson City Mayor — Jason Hastings 

Storey County Commission District 1 — Clay Mitchell Fernley

City Council Ward 5 — Joe Mendoza 

Majority Leader — Nicole Cannizzaro 

Attorney General — Aaron Ford 

Nevada State Treasurer — Zach Conine 


The wait time, voter turnout reports, voting locations, regulations, and all other information is on the registrar’s website,