When you are laid off, you need to call our office at 775-856-0169 to get on the Out of Work List.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check in each month.

The contractor does not call us when you are laid off, and even if we are notified, we will bring you in from the dispatch, but you will not be placed on the out-of-work list unless you request it.

The Local 169 Job Referral Rules requires all out of work applicants to check in once each month.  Monthly check-ins, to remain on the out of work list, can be made on any day of the month.  A few years ago, we adjusted the 30 day check in rule to make it easier for people to not miss their check in date, by allowing people to check in on any day of the month.

For example, if a person checks in on the fifth day of the month they will be checked in and on the list for the rest of that month and they will have until the LAST BUSINESS DAY OF THE NEXT MONTH to check in.  If you miss the next month’s check-in as described above, you will fall off the out of work list on the first of the following month.

You no longer need to remember what day in the month you checked in, you just need to do it sometime each month.

Hiring Hall Rules

If you refuse two jobs, your name will be removed from the out-of-work list, and you must re-register to be placed back on the out-of-work list.

If the Union attempts to contact you and is unable to do so it will be counted as a “no contact”. Three no contacts will count the same as one refusal. Six no contacts will equal two refusals and your name will be removed from the out-of-work list. You must re-register to be placed on the out-of-work list. Applicants for referral will not be called for more than one referral per day.