Join us in welcoming Eloy Jara to his new position as our new Business Manager and Secretary-Treasurer effective June 1st. Eloy has been a member for 21 years and was president for 6 years. 

Skip Daly recently retired as Local 169‘s Business Manager of 21 years and a long-time member of 44 years.

Skip Daly is retiring

What’s Next for Skip Daly

Skip will be greatly missed. But he’s not one to ease into rest and relaxation. Skip Daly is running for Nevada Senate District 13 so he can continue to fight for workers’s rights, good paying jobs and many more causes to improve Nevada. He plans to never stop working for Northern Nevada families. So don’t forget to vote.

We all wish Skip Daly a fond farewell. 

Thank you for making a difference for Local 169 members and all that you’ve accomplished. All the best!

New Executive Board Members 

The new members on the Executive Board were also appointed as of June 1st, 2022. Here is the updated roster. 

President Mike Kinney
Vice President Gary Benedict
Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer Eloy Jara
Recording Secretary Jake McNeill 
Executive Board Carlos Gomez-Reyes
Executive Board Armando Rodriguez-Aguirre
Executive Board Brian Piccolo
Sergeant At Arms Vacant
  • Diego Huerta-Mata
  • Donald Yingst
Delegates to the District Council
  • Mike Kinney
  • Gary Benedict
  • Armando Rodriguez-Aguirre
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