As we enter a new construction season, some of you may find yourselves being asked to work out of Local 169’s jurisdiction. 

Local 169’s Jurisdiction

Local 169’s jurisdiction does not cover any area outside of Northern Nevada — nothing south of Tonopah.

What You Need to Know – The Reciprocity Rules

First of all, the contractor that you are working for needs approval from the union with jurisdiction in the area that you will be working in. Once the contractor has been approved to work in the jurisdiction outside of Northern Nevada, then the process of transferring benefits to Local 169 can begin.
  • It’s your responsibility to fill out the reciprocity paperwork, to request the benefits to be transferred when you start working in a different jurisdiction. This is your responsibility, not the employers.
  • Ask your employer if they submitted the reciprocity paperwork. This must be done to transfer benefits back.
  • The contractor should make sure that their request is approved and processed through the trust funds by the local where the work is being performed.
  • Keep a copy of the reciprocity paperwork you fill out.
Bottom line: Ask your employer if they have submitted the reciprocity paperwork on your behalf. Without reciprocity paperwork submitted and properly approved you could loose benefits which can cause a lapse in insurance and postpone retirement.
The Union puts this notice out in our newsletter on a regular basis in an effort to help you with the process. Far too often we get a call only after there is a problem and the problem is usually out of Local 169’s control and in the hands of the local where the work was performed. Generally, most but not all problems can be fixed, but doing your part in a timely fashion helps everyone, especially you.