One of the things many construction workers say they love about the job is the variety. Rather than working at the same desk for 30 years as some private sector employees do, Local 169 members get the opportunity to work on a variety of projects all over the state and sometimes out of state. But a project may finish up, leaving workers between jobs. The “Out-of-Work” list is designed to help members without current employment.

How the Out-of-Work List Helps Members

The purpose of the Out-of-Work list is to get people back to work, and ensure members are taken care when they are between positions.

For those on the list, the Union finds jobs that match skillsets. For every hour that you work, you are earning benefits for you and your family, and retirement pay, making it possible to retire sooner. The Out-of-Work list can get you back to work as quickly as possible by matching you up with jobs from contractors that match your skillsets.

To expand the number of jobs you’re eligible for, sign up for the free training available to members.

By signing up on the Out-of-Work list, you are eligible for unemployment benefits, and you will continue to have a source of income. You won’t have to fill out a job search with the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation. This protects workers. Because the Local 169 finds jobs for you, it counts as a work search.

But, if you’re not on the Out-of-Work list, you can’t collect unemployment.
If you lose your position, you should call in to get on the Out-of-Work list as soon as possible. Try to get on the list that day or the next weekday.

Check In Monthly to Remain on Out-of-Work List

Remember, to remain on the out of work list, monthly check-ins can be made on any day of the monthIt is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check in each month. If you miss the next month’s check, you will fall off the Out-of-Work list on the first of the following month. You have until the LAST BUSINESS DAY OF THE NEXT MONTH to check in. To get on the Out-of-Work list, call 775-856-0169 Monday – Friday during business hours 7am – 12pm, and 1pm – 5pm.
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