The Board of Directors is pleased to announce it will be awarding twenty-three scholarships (one per each Local Union in the Region) valued at $3,000.00 each. Keep in mind – an applicant WILL NOT be considered if the application is incomplete for any reason or is not received by May 1st (received – not postmarked). The W. Vernie Reed Scholarship Committee has decided to extend the deadline for applications to be received, from April 1, 2021 to May 1, 2021.

Additionally the Board intends to award up to eighteen main scholarships at $2,500.00 each, and one scholarship  the Pamela Reed Award  will be valued at $6,000.00

Update as of October 23, 2020

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), the Board of Directors understands that challenges exist in regard to the W. Vernie Reed Scholarship Application, including but not limited to, getting high school/college transcripts etc.

The scholarship committee is focused on protecting the safety and health of our members, applicants and their families. We understand the complications this outbreak has created for the entire Northwest Region. It is for these reasons, the scholarship committee has extended the deadline. Get the application here.

Please note – ONLY original applications will be accepted. Fax and photocopies are no longer accepted.

Please note – The applications will request an email address for all applicants.

About the Scholarship

In 1981 the W. Vernie Reed Scholarship Fund was established as a living memorial to the late W. Vernie Reed, General Secretary-Treasurer of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, who represented our Northwest Region. Since that time, the scholarship fund has awarded over 394 scholarships, totaling over $710,000, to our members, their children and grandchildren from various Local Unions throughout the Region. We should all take great pride that we have established such a fund in memory of one of LIUNA’s past leaders, who fought so hard for every LIUNA member, Local Union and District Council.

Through the generosity of Brother Reed’s friends and associates, a self perpetuating fund will provide a program of yearly scholarships to assist eligible worthy students in furthering their four (4) year undergraduate education. The first award was made in the Spring of 1981. Scholarships are usually awarded before July.

Our Local 2019 Winner of the Scholarship was Alondra Ramirez

The winner of 2019 W. Vernie Reed Scholarship is Alondra Ramirez. Congratulations Alondra!

Alondra Ramirez Received the 2019 W. Vernie Reed Scholarship