Support Construction of the Prado Ranch Community

UPDATE: This project is no longer open for comment.

We need your help to ensure this project is built. Please tell the Reno City Council why Prado Ranch would benefit Northern Nevada.

The Prado Ranch community can and will bring a number of benefits to the Lemmon Valley area. Besides 2,000–3,000 jobs, the development also has potential to alleviate traffic congestion, mitigate damage from potential weather-related emergencies (including flooding) via road elevation, improve emergency services response times and stimulate the local economy with dollars from new residents and visitors. Additionally, the developer is including 446 acres for future open space/common area to preserve the rural charm of Lemmon Valley, help local wildlife thrive and build flood protections into the area.

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Prado Ranch Master Plan

Single Family Residential

Consists of approximately 843 acres designated for development of single family detached residential units.2

Multi-Family Residential

Consists of approximately 32 acres designated for development of traditional multi-family apartment units. Buildings will be limited to maximum 3 stories with a max density of 21 du/ac.3


Consists of approximately 195 acres designated for development of up to 3.5M square feet of industrial park. May include multiple large buildings or a mix of smaller buildings with significant open space around perimeter to minimize impacts on adjacent properties. While there is no way to determine the ultimate user, development will focus to attract whenever possible more logistics, assembly and manufacturing to create as many good lying jobs in a live / work community as possible.4


Consists of approximately 22 acres designated for development of up to 57,750 square feet of commercial/retail uses. Future uses may include convenience store, gas station, restaurant, or other retail type uses.5

Open Space

Consists of approximately 446 acres designated as for future open space/common area. Open Space areas are intended to preserve Swan Lake basin, steep slopes and ridgelines. Specifically, approximately 200 acres of designated open space will be specifically for Volume Offset Mitigation.