We recently shared about LIUNA’s endorsement of the Biden/Harris ticket for President and Vice President of the United States. Local 169 has also endorsed the following candidates and topics on a state and local level. 

Local 169 Endorsed Candidates for the 2020 Election

The Union is recommending that you vote for the following candidates

President/Vice President of the United States 

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris

Congressional District 2 

Patricia Ackerman 

NV State Senate District 15 

Wendy Jauregui-Jackins

NV Assembly District 24 

Sarah Peters 

NV Assembly District 25 

No Recommendation

NV Assembly District 26  

Vance Alm 

NV Assembly District 27 

Teresa Benitez-Thompson

NV Assembly District 30 

Natha Anderson

NV Assembly District 31 

Richard “Skip” Daly

 NV Assembly District 32 

Paula Povilaitis 

NV Assembly District 39 

Deborah Chang

NV Assembly District 40 

Sena Loyd 

County Commission District 1 

Alexis Hill

County Commission District 4 

Marie Baker 

Washoe County School District A  

No Recommendation

Washoe County School District D 

Kurt Thigpen 

Washoe County School District E 

Angie Taylor


Washoe County School District at Large 

Craig Wesner

Reno City Council Ward 1 

Jenny Brekhus

Reno City Council Ward 3 

Oscar Delgado 

Reno City Council Ward 5 

Neoma Jardon

Reno City Council Ward At-Large 

Devon Reese

Sparks City Council Ward 1 

Wendy Stolyarov

Sparks City Council Ward 3 

Quentin Smith 

Sparks City Council Ward 5 

No Recommendation

NV State Supreme Court B 

Kristina Pickering 

NV State Supreme Court D 

Ozzie Fumo

NV Court of Appeals 

Bonnie Bulla 

District Court Judge Dept. 10 

Elliott A. Sattler

District Court Judge Dept. 11 Family Court 

Paige A. Dollinger 

District Court Judge Dept. 13 Family Court

Bridget E. Robb

State Board of Education Dist. 2 

Kaytie Coombs

NV Regent District 10 

Joseph Arrascada 

State Ballot Question 1: Higher Education, Quality & Academic Independence


State Ballot Question 2 :Marriage Gender Equality


State Ballot Question 3: State Board of Pardons Commissioners 


To find out more in depth information on the candidates and topics shared above, refer to the Nevada Secretary of State Election Information page or Vote411 Nevada to “Find what’s on your Ballot” by entering your address.