Stay Safe & Informed: Download The Infectious Disease App

With the widespread uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the challenge remains to provide timely, relevant, and quality training and educational information to LIUNA members.

That is why I am pleased to announce that LIUNA Training’s Infectious Disease (ID) App is now available for download. As one of the first trade organizations to develop a worker’s app, LIUNA Training’s Infectious Disease App will be an ongoing source of information regarding infectious diseases and specifically COVID-19.

The ID App was designed to be a one-stop shop for every LIUNA Member, including construction, environmental, public employees, Mail Handlers, National Guard and Service Contract employees. The ID App will host links to a range of organizations, from CDC to NIEHS, as well as the Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America. The ID App will provide LIUNA members with what they need to know about infectious diseases, including COVID-19, now and in the future.

The app also contains a direct link to LIUNA Training’s online Infectious Disease Awareness course. Workers will now have an easy and direct path to this self-paced program, available in both English and Spanish, on their mobile devices.

To install the app, please visit, select the instructions for your iPhone or Android device and you will be up and running in minutes. If you need technical support, send an email to

We are asking our entire training network to post this information across your region, so we are able to reach all LIUNA members. We have attached a banner to this email that can be posted on your websites to help us get the word out. Please consult your web master to directly link this banner to The rollout of LIUNA Training’s Infectious Disease App delivers on our promise to be the best workforce education and training organization in the construction industry.