Update: Thank you for your comments!

The time period for comments is closed and LIUNA Union members showed their support for LIUNA’s high quality Apprenticeships in force. Here is a message from LIUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan on the amazing efforts that our Brothers and Sisters have accomplished.

LIUNA Union support for apprenticeships

We need to make sure the Administration does not allow low quality industry apprenticeship programs, called IRAPs, in the construction industry. IRAPs would open the door to unskilled workers—not only lowering apprenticeship pay but your wages and benefits as well.

All LIUNA leaders, reps, contractors, apprentices and every card-carrying LIUNA member should send a comment to the U.S. Department of Labor with the message that construction should not be part of the IRAPs – ever.


Fight back! Send a message to stop the anti-union contractors who want to destroy our apprenticeship programs.


The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has released proposed regulations governing a new form of apprenticeship called Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs or IRAPs. IRAPs pose a major threat to LIUNA’s and other construction unions’ Registered Apprenticeship Programs. The difference is simple: Registered Construction Apprenticeships have the highest quality and most stringent safety standards and are the most successful training programs in the history of our country. IRAPs in construction are dangerous and inferior in every aspect.

The proposed rule currently keeps IRAPs out of the construction industry but anti-union contractors and special interests are pushing hard to eliminate that exemption and they are joining forces to coordinate a comment submission campaign to support IRAPs in construction – specifically on prevailing wage projects.

What You Can Do: 

Fight back! Submit comments quickly and easily to the Department of Labor from now through August 26 through the following websites.

LIUNARepsComments.org (For LIUNA leaders and reps to send comments)
LIUNAMemberComments.org (For LIUNA members to send comments)

LIUNATrainingComments.org (For apprentices and trainees to send comments)

LIUNAContractorComments.org (For contractors to send comments)

DO’s During the 60 Day Comment Period Ending August 26, 2019

  • Every card-carrying LIUNA member should send a comment to the U.S. Department of Labor with the message that construction should not be part of the IRAPs – ever.
  • Every Contractor, Employer Trustee, JATC member and Association should send a comment against IRAPs in the construction sector and urge a permanent exemption for the industry.
  • All messages should be different. Form letters will not be accepted. We have set up a platform for you to easily create unique comments based on a few personal details.

Brothers and sisters, we must stand shoulder to shoulder, united in this fight.  We will need each and every one of you working together to ensure that the Administration hears our concerns and protects LIUNA members’ livelihoods. 

May all of you Feel the Power…

May all of you Be the Power…

And, may all of you Use the Power.