Negotiations for a new 3-year Laborers master agreement have been completed and approved by the membership. The agreement includes an increase of $5.85 over three years. The first year increase will be $2.01. Year two has a $2 increase, and the third-year increase will be $1.85.

Year 1, the $2.01 increase has been allocated to the new vacation contribution (no longer a deduction). Year 2, the $2.00 increase has been allocated to $0.50, $0.45 health and welfare, $0.55 to wages and $0.50 to vacation. Year 3, the $1.85 increase is to be allocated by the Union.

Additionally, the vacation pay will change from $2.50 deduction to a $2.01 contribution above the hourly wage rate.

Another beneficial change is that the foreman wage rate has increased from $1.25 above the Group 4 rate to $2.50 above the Group 4 rate.

The zone rates for out of town work have all increased by $1. The free zone has increased from 50 road miles to 75 road miles, and now matches the free zone language for the Carpenters and Operating Engineers.

More information will be in the upcoming newsletter that will be mailed out in the near future, or you can call the Union Hall at 775-856-0169.