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NDOT Flagger

This 4-hour certification course has been approved by the Nevada Department of Transportation and covers procedures for flaggers working on NDOT projects. All flaggers on these projects must have a certification of training in their possession while working. Topics include work zone hazards and safety; state regulations; flagging PPE and equipment; and flagging procedures.  

Torch Cutting

This 16-hour class covers methods of cutting with an oxy-acetylene torch and the safety precautions and practices that must be taken. Topics include properties of flammable gases; using oxygen safely; fire extinguishers and their use; oxy-acetylene torch system components; setting up the system for cutting; operating an oxy-acetylene torch safely and effectively; storing the system; […]

First Aid/ CPR

This 8-hour certification class helps non-medical professionals provide assistance in times of crisis.The first part of the class covers best practices for first aid for a wide range of medical conditions. The CPR portion of the class provides methods and practice for treating both adults and children during a cardiac emergency. *Personal Protective Equipment Required.

Reducing Silica Exposure

This 8-hour class is designed to make members aware of the hazards of silica exposure and methods to protect themselves. Topics covered include silica history and properties; health effects of silica exposure; silica regulations and guidance; and silica determination and work practice controls. *Personal Protective Equipment Required.  

Pneumatic Tool Safety

This 8-hour class covers pneumatic (air-powered) tools, what they are used for, safe use, and maintenance. Pneumatic tools are powered by air compressors. Start-up, operation, shut-down procedures and basic maintenance will be reviewed. This course will include hands-on activities.

Small Engine Safety and Maintenance

This 8-hour class will review the construction tools and equipment that are powered by gas engines. Two and four cycle engines will be discussed. Safe operation of the equipment, as well as basic maintenance procedures will be reviewed and practiced. This course will include hands-on activities.

Powder Actuated Tools

This 8-hour class covers powder actuated tools. Topics discussed will include hazards, safety precautions, selecting the proper fastener and load, and safe operating procedures. This course will include hands-on activities.    

Trench Excavation Safety

This 8-hour class covers OSHA standards for trenches and excavations. Topics include hazards of working in trenches; soil types; methods of protection; types of protective systems; and trench cave-ins. *Personal Protective Equipment Required.

Construction Math

This 40-hour class provides a foundation for all of the math used in construction through classroom and hands-on activities. Topics include basic math operations (ASMD); working with fractions and decimals; layout and squaring; area and volume calculations and formulae; slope ratios and percent of slope; offsets and stations; and differential leveling. *Personal Protective Equipment Required.

Union Meeting at 7 p.m.

Local 169 Union Hall 570 Reactor Way, Reno, NV

All Local 169 members are invited to the monthly meeting. Learn what your Union is planning and working towards. Show up, show your support, and be an active member in your Union. An involved member is a strong member! Feel the Power! Meetings are at the Union Hall at 570 Reactor Way, Reno, NV 89502 […]